“Absolutely brilliant walk. Very informative and interesting! Amazing to see the newly opened
Llantrisant Guildhall as well which has been lovingly brought back to life.”


Dean Powell has spent a lifetime researching the history of Llantrisant. This fascinating Welsh hilltop town has a remarkable story to tell and he has played an active role in promoting his community for more than twenty years.

A Freeman of Llantrisant, Clerk of Llantrisant Town Trust and Manager of Llantrisant Guildhall, Dean’s passion for his hometown is incredible.

Dean has launched three successful tours of Llantrisant. Please click on the images below to find out more.

A Small Town With A Big Story

A Small Town With A Big Story

Enjoy a fascinating guided tour of this ancient hilltop settlement and follow your expert guide through 1,500 years of history. Today, many of its landmark buildings stand as a testimony to turbulent times, boasting a tradition of fierce battles, ancient customs, and notorious characters from eccentric druids to captured kings of England. Learn of the tradition of its Freemen who fought at Crecy and still manage the lands. Find out how the community survived tragedy, plague, epidemics and attacks to become a thriving market town which boasted 27 pubs and a reputation for debauchery and drunkenness.

A Jewel of History

A Jewel of History

Llantrisant Guildhall is a fascinating heritage and visitors’ centre that tells the remarkable story of an ancient Welsh hilltop town. The Grade II Listed Building erected in 1346 is becoming a major tourist attraction with plenty of events and activities. Visitors are enchanted by the splendour of the Guildhall which has undergone a £1.4million restoration. The Court Room is home to a collection of artefacts and treasures celebrating the unique traditions of the Freemen of Llantrisant. Visit the Archer’s Hall with exhibitions to the eccentric Dr William Price and the longbowmen who fought at the Battle of Crecy!

A Ghost Walk of Ancient Llantrisant

A Ghost Walk of Ancient Llantrisant

From witches and spirits to murders and plagues, this journey will bewilder and terrify as you walk the historic streets and hear blood curdling stories of the past. Join your guide after dark and stroll the ruined castle where criminals were executed. Learn about the pagan sacrifices, the spirit of a wandering witch and the horrific murders. Hear stories of haunted homes and shops before reaching the former Workhouse where you may catch a glimpse of its ghostly warden. Then journey to one of the most haunted landmarks in the town, where spirits remain locked in the bowels of the abandoned cells.



“Just got back from the Halloween Ghost Walk. Such a wonderful evening. Perfect balance of history, spooky stories and folklore told by the fab host.”


“Last year I spent in Salem for Halloween and did a tour there. This was on par with that! Wonderful and learnt so much. Plan on doing again with my partner.”


“Brilliant event! Loved learning all about the history of Llantrisant.”


“Absolutely brilliant walk. Very informative and interesting … and of course pretty scary! Amazing to see the newly opened Llantrisant Guildhall as well which has been lovingly brought back to life.”


“An incredible achievement by someone who is so passionate about history and the local area which always comes shining through. Thank you so much for a brilliant night.”



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Thanks to the Retired Police Authority for inviting me to give them a virtual lecture this evening on the history of Llantrisant.A warm welcome and plenty of questions!Really enjoyed my chance to tell the about the ‘small town with a big story’. ... See MoreSee Less
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