Pontypridd was a frontier town, born out of the industrialisation of its surrounding valleys and transformed from a sleepy agricultural region into one of the largest towns in Wales.

Known as the market town of the south Wales valleys, this incredible collection of more than 200 old images gives a valuable insight into the places, people, culture, sport, education, industry and events which shaped Pontypridd.

From the creation of William Edwards’ famous single-arch span bridge to the day a father and son penned a haunting Welsh hymn which became the National Anthem of their homeland, Pontypridd has a rich history to celebrate.

Learn more about its famous shops and landmark buildings, the Brown Lenox Chainworks, Brunel’s arched bridge and the longest railway platform in the world.

Our beloved “Ponty” remains a unique town and one we hold so very dear to our hearts. Read its story!

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Chartist, surgeon, heretic, archdruid and pioneer of cremation in the British Isles, Dr Price was one of the most flamboyant and eccentric characters in Welsh history.

Born to an insane father and poverty stricken in his youth, he incredibly became a fully qualified surgeon at 21. With an obsessions for Welsh culture and patriotism, he masterminded Wales’ first national museum and fought for his political beliefs in the chartist cause.

Passionate about improving the lives of the working classes he launched Wales’ first cooperative and created an embryonic health service while forever fighting in the law courts and having children out of wedlock!

This is a delightful insight in to the life of Dr William Price, his thoughts, aspirations, hopes, dreams and above all his determination to leave an indelible mark on the history of Wales.

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Commanding an outstanding setting on the crest of a hill, Llantrisant’s splendor lies in its enchanting beauty and celebrated past.

Bloodthirsty battles, pioneering acts of cremation and captured kings of England have all played a part in shaping the vibrant town, as have the generations of families who have lived and worked there.

This fascinating collection of over 200 old images pays tribute to the people who have proudly called Llantrisant their home. With in-depth text, the reader is taken on a journey through the town, meeting memorable individuals on the way.

Llantrisant Revisited offers a nostalgic and valuable record of the past, and will provide newcomers with an understanding of how the modern community of the area has evolved.

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From its imposing vantage point high on the ridge of a hill, the town of Llantrisant has seen many changes in its long history. Bloodthirsty battles, uprisings, royal scandals and world-famous events have all played a part in shaping the vibrant town of today, as have the generations of people who have lived and worked there.

This fascinating collection of old images explores the history of Llantrisant. With accompanying text, the reader is taken on a journey through the town, exploring the streets and lanes, houses, schools, churches and workplaces. We meet many of the local, sometimes eccentric, characters along the way, learning about everyday life, culture and the traditions that have made this town a jewel in the crown of South Wales.

Charters, victorious archers, captured kings, Norman invasions and Lord Mayors of London all form part of the town s historic charm. This publication offers a nostalgic and valuable record of the past, and for newcomers it will provide an understanding of how the community has evolved and it is so well loved by residents and visitors alike.

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The internationally celebrated Treorchy Male Choir has enchanted audiences around the world for more than 130 years.From their Royal Command Performance for Queen Victoria to their appearance at the Royal Variety Show more than a century later, the Choir continues to entertain to celebrated packed houses.

The most recorded male voice choir with more than ninety albums to their name, Treorchy enjoys an unbeaten competition record and has performed with Tom Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Julie Andrews and Shirley Bassey.

The Choir has undertaken an enviable number of overseas tours, including two visits to Canada and four tours of the USA followed, with visits to the White House and performances in San Francisco, Denver, Seattle and the Mid West.

Treorchy became the first Welsh choir to appear at the Sydney Opera House and made three further visits “down under” and a triumphant sell-out concert tour of New Zealand.

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This fascinating collection of over 200 photographs, programme covers and other memorabilia covers a golden era of music-making in the Rhondda, from the last half of the nineteenth century up to the 1960s.

The thousands of newcomers who came to work at the great Rhondda coalfields in the middle of the nineteenth century found many aspects of everyday life harsh. They found a release from social deprivation in music, and soon Rhondda became famous for its choirs, orchestras, brass bands and opera companies as for its coal. There was an amazing array of village, town, regional and national contests, but the climax of the musical calendar was always the National Eisteddfod, at which numerous Rhondda choirs and ensembles have achieved success.

This intriguing record charts the highs and lows of Rhondda’s musical life, both on and off the stage. Throughout the book, the images are accompanied by informative, comprehensive captions. This book is sure to appeal to all those who cherish the unique musical traditions of Rhondda.

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