Llantrisant was built on violence and rebellion, but can the stonework of its age-old buildings absorb the terror of the past to terrify the living? From witches and spirits to murders and plagues, this volume of more than fifty blood-curdling stories tells the dark and grisly history of an ancient Welsh hilltop town.

Age-old tales of pagan sacrifice, druids, blood-drenched altar stones and witchcraft are unearthed for the first time. Hear of soldiers slaughtered in the castle, the doomed king imprisoned in its foul dungeon and how the troubled souls of executed criminals haunt the site of the deathly gallows. Learn about the legendary longbowmen who returned victorious from battle only to die horrifically from the Black Death in a town where the souls of plague victims still cast a shadow.

The spirits of those whose lives were snatched so violently continue to ensure their gruesome presence is  felt in the low-lit cobbled streets of Llantrisant.