Llantrisant’s charm and elegance lies not only in its position high on the crest of two hills, but in the famous landmark buildings that occupy its quaint, unplanned streets. The glory of what was once a magnificent hilltop fortress, like a dominant city from Biblical times, was crowned by its medieval castle and fine parish church.

Those landmarks still exist, surrounded by a cluster of homes, which cling precariously to the steep slopes, scattered throughout the town’s charming, cobbled streets. This glorious colour guide book of the ancient town gives readers a wonderful insight into the rich history of Llantrisant from its early Norman invasion and community of Freemen to the roll its archers played in the wars with France.

Learn about its lands and buildings along with unique traditions and characters including Dr William Price and Sir David Evans, the Lord Mayor of the world’s greatest city. All proceeds from sales of this publication are donated to Llantrisant Guildhall Heritage & Visitors’ Centre.

£5.99 (Llantrisant Guildhall Trust)